Balanced You Lite/Balanced You Intro/A La Carte

One-on-one coaching in nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset

Perhaps you need assistance with:

  • supporting your digestion

    • bloating, belching, constipation, diarrhea

  • supporting your blood sugar regulation

    • fatigue, shakiness, irritability, disrupted sleep

  • improving your body composition

    • weight management issues

  • supporting your detox mechanisms

    • liver, gallbladder, colon, kidneys, lungs, skin

  • balancing your mood

    • anxiety, depression, brain fog, mood swings, sleep issues

  • supporting your body's autoimmune struggles

    • gut health, food sensitivities

  • developing a healthy mindset and lifestyle​

    •  setting objectives, overcoming obstacles, implementing change

  • just learning how to nourish your unique body!

    • whole-food, nutrient-dense ideas respecting your bioindividuality

The beauty of functional nutrition coaching is that all of the above responds well to a foundational approach!

The focus of my nutrition practice is educating my clients while helping them establish nutrient density in their food choices and respecting their unique biochemistry. I use a variety of assessments to help determine the body’s priority needs and address them from a functional nutrition standpoint through diet, lifestyle, and nutrient support.  My goal is to help you  avoid progression toward chronic health complaints.  Are you already there?  Whole food nutrition and attention to your foundations of health can still benefit you. I believe strongly in the body’s own ability to heal when stressors are removed and foundations are strengthened.  Our bodies are created with an innate intelligence that works to our benefit - we only need to cooperate with it to experience restored function and feeling our best.

I offer two variations on my Balanced You Program - Balanced You Lite and Balanced You Intro.  I have an A La Carte menu of services as well.  Are any of these calling your name?

The Balanced You Lite Program

This variation on the original program is shortened for those who are limited in time and/or resources. It is appropriate for those who are already moving forward in their health journey and whose issues are not long-standing. This program is 6 sessions within a 3 month time frame and includes 3 food journal reviews and second nutritional assessment.  Be sure to check out the Balanced You FAQs on this page for more information.

The Balanced You Intro Program

The intro to the Balanced You Program is just that - an introduction. It's for those clients who are interested in a getting their feet wet as a beginning to their health journey.  It's not designed to take the place of the full program but to rather lead into it if the client is seeing positive results and is ready to commit to further progress, but it could stand alone for the client who has been improving her health for some time prior.  This program is 4 sessions within a 2 month time frame and includes 2 food journal reviews and a second nutritional assessment. Be sure to check out the Balanced You FAQs on this page for more information.

A La Carte Menu

Single in-person or virtual coaching session

This comprehensive consult includes a health history review, nutritional assessment, and 3-day food journal evaluation with diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations. (90 min)

Follow-up in-person or virtual coaching session

For those who have completed an in-person or virtual comprehensive coaching session or a nutritional therapy package. (45 min)

Grocery Store Strategy Tour

Meet me at our local HEB Plus for some label reading help and some information for your good-better-best choices. (1-2 hours, your choice)

Pantry/Fridge Detox: Clean out and restock

I'll come to your home and help you detox your pantry and fridge while giving you guidance on what replacements to make. (90 min+)

Meal Planning & Cooking Tips / Cooking Demo/Class

Meal planning tips: I'll give you my best recommendations and cooking tips, keeping your preferences and food sensitivities in mind. This is not a rigid set of menus, but rather a template for your personalization. (60 min) Cooking class: I will demonstrate methods for making delicious meals with variations to plug into those methods so that you have a varied template of meals to put together, cookbook-and-recipe-free. This is truly freedom in the kitchen and will simplify your planning, shopping, and preparing. No more hassle! (2-4 hours depending on your choices)

Speaking at your event

I'm available locally or online through the Zoom platform to speak for your group on a variety of health and wellness topics.

Pick-My-Brain Session

Want to talk about healthy eating and what that looks like? Need help with something a bit more specific, but aren't ready at this time to commit to an individualized plan based off a comprehensive evaluation? For instance, maybe you are looking to go gluten-free but you're not sure how. Or you know that food is medicine but you are just hit and miss with your nutrient density. Maybe you are trying to choose between one nutrition approach vs. another. Tell me what you're looking for and I'll plan a consultation to give you direction. This can be a one-off session or something to get you started while you prepare to dive in with an individualized program. (60 min)

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

A teaspoon worth of your hair, an inch to inch and a half clipped from the scalp, can show us what is being excreted in your hair, which is a picture of what is stored in your body's other soft tissues. It is a look into the previous 3-4 months, and thus can be of value for tracking over an extended period and monitoring changes over time. Metals and minerals are measured, providing insights into your body's metabolic/oxidative pattern, endocrine function, energy expenditure, digestive fire, detoxification function, propensity to infection, and overall vitality. It's all in the ratios. From these insights and from your initial intake and questionnaire, we can adjust your diet, lifestyle, and dietary supplements to support the body's own ability to balance itself. HTMA is generally not used in a one-and-done fashion, as mineral balancing is a slow, steady approach and mineral balancing takes time; however, most clients show improvements in how they feel, in their energy levels, and in their chronic complaints in short order. Your program includes your HTMA test, careful interpretation of results, a full report, and a consultation with me to go over the findilngs and recommendations.