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I work with clients to help them ditch their nagging symptoms and be restored to feeling well so they can focus on fully living.  My own history with chronic imbalances led me to functional nutrition and I'm eager to help others the way I've helped myself.  Hormonal issues leading to early menopause and all the fun that goes along with that, bloating and discomfort due to gut problems, and the horror that is vertigo and dizziness  - all of these were things that led me to seek a holistic approach to my health and eventually an education in it. I've now entered my 60's, and I can honestly say that I'm more active and I feel better than I did in my 30's and 40's. True story!  I only began this process about 11 years ago, and how I wish I'd started sooner.  But my experience affirms that even at 50 and beyond, it's not too late to affect change.

My work as a dental hygienist for over thirty years taught me something about our health care system.  It was part of my job to update the medical histories and medications for each of my patients, and I was floored by the ever increasing lists of meds from one appointment to the next. I also noticed that chronic health conditions seemed to be cropping up earlier and earlier in life as I continued to work in the dental field.  So much seemed to change from the 80's to 2018 when I officially retired to focus on my nutrition practice. It was also during this time that I witnessed both my parents' long, slow decline. I knew there had to be a better way. 

How does Functional Nutrition Therapy work?

No matter your presenting health condition or symptoms, we will begin with a focus on the foundations of health. Why?  Chronic ailments are the consequences of a crumbling foundation.  Digestion, blood sugar regulation, fatty acid balance, mineral balance, hydration, and diet are each foundational pillars supporting the health of your hormonal, cardiovascular, immune, and elimination systems. Correcting imbalances in the foundations corrects imbalances in the systems, thus helping to prevent or correct chronic health issues and the resulting prescription domino effect. This is a game changer! Add in some help with mindset and habit change and you're golden. It can mean the difference between thriving and merely existing.  I hope you choose to invest in a future in which you thrive. The benefits start today. 

What about heredity? 

Your genes do matter, but they are not necessarily your destiny. There's a whole field that studies this very thing and it's called epigenetics. The word literally means "on top of the genes".  There are factors that determine whether certain genes are switched on or off - your diet and your lifestyle. So don't let anyone tell you that what you do or don't do doesn't matter. We know now that our choices do make a difference!  This is great news for the person who is willing to learn and make the necessary changes.  

A Word About Labs

Through my training with Restorative Wellness Solutions, I am equipped to work with various labs looking into digestive dysfunction, food sensitivities, hormone balance, and blood chemistry. This data provides information which can help me support you and your body's own healing mechanisms from a functional nutrition perspective.  I do not use this data for diagnostic or treatment purposes for any condition, as I am not a licensed medical professional. I use it alongside your history, Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, and food journals only when a more complete look at your functional and nutritional health is appropriate. 

I am also trained and experienced in HTMA: Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. This is currently the test I am favoring in my practice, as holistic mineral balancing is serving my clients well in evaluating their metabolism/oxidation rate and the function of various body systems, as well as giving us a picture of where imbalances exist.  This data correlates amazingly well with the other data I gather in your initial intake and helps me pinpoint how you can best support your body. 

I'm currently exploring genetic testing for the purposes of helping clients discover their bioindividual tendencies in regard to diet, exercise, and weight loss/maintenance, and ways to tip the scale toward better aging. 

Certificates, trainings, and memberships

  • Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Certificate 2016 

  • Licensed RESTART® instructor 2016

  • Restorative Wellness Practitioner Certificate Level 1 2017, Level 2 2018, Level 3 2018 

  • Balance + Thrive health/mindset/lifestyle coaching 2017

  • Holistic Mineral Balancing 2019

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis: The Holistic Way 2020

  • Holistic Weight Loss 2020

  • HTMA Expert 2021

  • Registered Dental Hygienist, AAS Bee Country College, 1981-2021

  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor, AFAA, 2008

  • Licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor, Zumba Fitness, 2007

Nutritional Therapy Assocation certification seal
The Restart Program Licensed Intructor badge
Restorative Wellness Practitioner badge

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