Hi, friend! I'm Kelly Johnston,

and I’m here to give you hope regarding your approach to food, your habits, and the troublesome ways your body is communicating with you through your symptoms.

Nourishment is more than food or an eating plan. It’s everything you take into your mind, body, and spirit. In the nutrition field, we often get caught up in dogma — eat this, don’t eat that — without taking the steps to find what really works for an individual, and without considering whether mindset issues are blocking his or her progress and ability to stay the course with lifelong health-building habits. 


To complicate matters, we live in a world where chronic illness is assumed a natural part of life and aging, prescriptions are viewed as the answer to our bodies cries for attention, and we expect to decline gradually until our time here is done. There isn’t much priority placed on living in such a way that we arrive at the end of life well-worn, yet intact.  Our health care system is truly a sick care system when it comes to issues other than acute illness or injury. The circumstance we find ourselves in worldwide at this moment in time also underlines our society’s emphasis on what to do from an external standpoint to stay well, rather than also encouraging an internal strategy to balance our defensive plan. It’s my honor to teach my clients that we truly can influence better health outcomes by how we live. The word 'holistic' isn't code for 'hocus-pocus'. It means ‘whole in body, mind, and spirit’. It means equipping ourselves to live empowered and aligned so we can complete the works we are called to in this life.


Could I assist you in your journey? I would be honored and excited to walk with you! I especially enjoy helping clients address their digestion and gut health, energy and blood sugar regulation issues, and weight management difficulties, all of which play a part in hormone, cardiovascular, neurological, and immune imbalances. I’ve enjoyed working with clients struggling with autoimmune conditions as well. Taking a functional nutrition approach to supporting your body's own efforts to be well, along with giving you tools to enhance your mindset and lifestyle factors, is my focus. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, fill out my discovery call application and let’s talk. We may be a good fit for working together toward a more balanced you.

A Word About Labs

Through my training with Restorative Wellness Solutions, I am equipped to work with various labs looking into digestive dysfunction, food sensitivities, hormone balance, and blood chemistry. This data provides information which can help me support you and your body's own healing mechanisms from a functional nutrition perspective.  I do not use this data for diagnostic or treatment purposes for any condition, as I am not a licensed medical professional. It is used alongside your history, Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, and food journals only when a more complete look at your functional and nutritional health is appropriate.  

I am also trained and experienced in HTMA: Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. This is currently the test I am favoring in my practice, as holistic mineral balancing is serving my clients well in evaluating their metabolism/oxidation rate and the function of various body systems, as well as giving us a picture of where imbalances exist.  This data correlates amazingly well with the other data I gather in your initial intake and helps me pinpoint how you can best support your body.  I am currently in the process of doing a more thorough write up/page for my site explaining the benefits of HTMA, as well as writing a series of blog posts on the subject.

Certificates, trainings, and memberships currently held:

  • Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Certificate 2016 

  • Licensed RESTART® instructor 2016

  • Restorative Wellness Practitioner Certificate Level 1 2017, Level 2 2018, Level 3 2018 

  • Balance + Thrive health/mindset/lifestyle coaching 2017

  • Holistic Mineral Balancing 2019

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis: The Holistic Way 2020

  • Holistic Weight Loss 2020

  • HTMA Expert 2021

  • Registered Dental Hygienist, AAS Bee Country College, 1981-2021

  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor, AFAA, 2008

  • Licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor, Zumba Fitness, 2007

Nutritional Therapy Assocation certification seal
The Restart Program Licensed Intructor badge
Restorative Wellness Practitioner badge

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