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Add-Ons to Your Program

The well is deep!  How much would you like to learn? These are add-ons to your program that will enhance your progress. You can decide at any time to explore one or more of these options.

Citrus Fruits

Optional Add-Ons

Grocery Shopping Strategy Tour 

Meet me at our local HEB Plus for some label-reading help and information for your good-better-best choices. (1-2 hours, your choice) Local clients only.

Pantry/Fridge Detox: Clean Out and Restock

I'll come to your home and help you detox your pantry and fridge while giving you guidance on what replacements to make (1-2 hours, your choice) Local clients only.

HTMA: Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Minerals and metals are deposited into your hair as it grows through the cells in your scalp. Looking into this can give us an idea of the extent to which you are excreting them or building them up in your tissues. It's a way to see what's been going on in the 3-4 months prior and can give us valuable information regarding your metabolism and various functions of the body. Rest assured we only need a total of about a teaspoon of hair clipped close to the scalp - just a few strands from several different areas.

Comprehensive Blood Chemistry

This is a very comprehensive panel at a very reasonable investment. Includes a full iron and full thyroid panel, vitamin D status, along with other markers not typically included in a conventional blood panel/CBC. My interpretation and recommendations are from a functional nutrition perspective and are not to be considered diagnosis.


Assessing the gut microbiome and markers of gut function can be a most helpful tool for getting to the root of digestive, autoimmune, skin, and mood issues. Imbalances here create a downstream effect and often result in poor health outcomes over time. 

MRT (Mediator Release Test)

Discovering and eliminating foods and additives that your immune system is reacting to is an integral piece of any gut program. The gut lining and immune system needs a break from their triggers in order to heal and function the way they should, thus improving health outcomes. No worries - you will be able to trial your eliminated foods after a 3-6 month break from them. 

DUTCH Hormone Panel

The king of comprehensive hormone testing, the DUTCH looks at levels and detox pathways of sex hormones, stress hormones, neurotransmitters, and more. Menstrual irregularities, peri/post menopausal imbalances, lack of zest for life and interest in sex, and sleep and stress issues are good reasons for digging deeper. 

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