Holistic Hormone Help

Our hormones color the way we see ourselves, others, and the world around us. When they’re imbalanced, we are imbalanced. 
Are you overtired? overwhelmed? overweight? or just plain OVER trying to figure it all out on your own?
Then you are in the right place.
 Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
 Restorative Wellness Practitioner
I'm a holistic health and wellness coach trained in functional nutrition, understanding labs from a nutritional perspective, holistic mineral balancing, and mindset for positive health change.

Welcome!  I’m Kelly, and I’m here to give you hope if you are feeling at the mercy of changes taking place with your health and well-being.  Most of my life, I struggled with my hormones along with other health issues feeling that way, too.   My education has taught me that chronic health complaints can improve tremendously by addressing the very foundations of health from a nutritional perspective. Problems with digestion, blood sugar regulation, mineral balance, fatty acid balance, and hydration lead to imbalances of all body systems. My own experience with this, along with an education in functional nutrition, birthed a passion in me to pass along what I've learned so that you don't have to settle.  You can be proactive and take steps to influence your present and future health.  I would love to be the one to help you write that happy chapter for your own health story!  My ideal client has issues with digestion, blood sugar control, energy, sleep, weight management, and/or autoimmunity.  Do you struggle with one or more of these? My ideal client is ready to be an active participant in her own health journey.  Is this you?  Read on!


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Why Nutritional Therapy?

It is health coaching at its finest!  Working on

foundational issues can have far-reaching effects.

Weight & Detox

liver, gallbladder, kidney, skin, digestive, blood sugar health

Immune Issues

autoimmunity, gut health, chronic infections

Metabolic Health

sugar and fat metabolism and cardiovascular health

Digestion & Cravings

bloating, gas, nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, food sensitivities

Endocrine Health

head to toe hormone balance

Balancing Sleep, Energy & Mood

fatigue, blood sugar imbalances, anxiety, depression, brain fog



"I saw dramatic improvement in my energy levels, my enthusiasm for life, and my pain levels decreased to practically nothing! I was eating so much, and felt so satisfied with the whole foods and healthy fats that were now in my diet. I also experienced weight loss, I felt more flexible, more comfortable in my skin, and a lightness that came from deep within. With Kelly’s help, I had the support to learn all these things about myself and feel confident in the choices I was making for my health. I can say that Kelly changed my life, and this knowledge will be passed down to change my child’s life, my grandchildren’s lives, and used throughout the rest of my lifetime!”

— Kaalyn N.

You don't have to let imbalanced hormones run the show.


Working with clients in person and online.

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