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Nourished and New.

Do you feel the pull of these words as you read them?  Would you like to pivot in such a way as to make them true of you? 

The time is now.  How you live and think today can pay big dividends long-term.  If your body is already talking to you through uncomfortable symptoms, it's beyond time. Are you ready to invest in you and in a future you can look forward to?  

I can help you!
Functional Nutrition Therapy Practitioner
Restorative Wellness Practitioner
Holistic health and wellness coach trained in functional nutrition, understanding labs from a nutritional perspective, holistic mineral balancing, and mindset for positive health change

Nutrition is a matter of food.  


Functional nutrition is a matter of food, lifestyle, mindset, and the workings of the body.


Functional nutrition focuses on the whole person. 

If you'd like help with moving through life with vibrant health and well-being, living out your calling as you approach retirement and beyond, functional nutrition is for you.


You don't have to be old to be aging!  It's never too early to begin laying that foundation and making investments in your future health and experiencing the compounding effect of starting now. Does one of these describe you?

*Rocking your health game and wanting to level up 
*Experiencing changes and symptoms for the first time 
*Being treated for that nagging chronic problem or that   condition you weren't even aware of
*Racking up chronic symptoms and conditions on repeat

If so, and you're ready to be an active participant in your own health journey, I can help. 

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Meet Amelia
Why Nutritional Therapy?

Why Nutritional Therapy?

It is health coaching at its finest!  It's a whole-person approach combining a focus on slaying your symptoms with building a strong foundation for thriving health as you age. 

Weight & Detox

issues with elimination, trouble achieving or maintaining  a healthy body composition, skin issues, 

Immune Issues

gut health, autoimmunity, chronic inflammation, chronic infections

Metabolic Health

sugar and fat metabolism, cardiovascular health, systemic inflammation

Digestion & Cravings

bloating, belching, gas, nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, food sensitivities

Endocrine Health

hormone imbalances,

conditions arising from hormone imbalances, peri/post menopause

Balancing Sleep, Energy & Mood

fatigue, shakiness, irritability, anxiety, depression, mood swings, brain fog, trouble falling asleep/staying asleep



"I saw dramatic improvement in my energy levels, my enthusiasm for life, and my pain levels decreased to practically nothing! I was eating so much, and felt so satisfied with the whole foods and healthy fats that were now in my diet. I also experienced weight loss, I felt more flexible, more comfortable in my skin, and a lightness that came from deep within. With Kelly’s help, I had the support to learn all these things about myself and feel confident in the choices I was making for my health. I can say that Kelly changed my life, and this knowledge will be passed down to change my child’s life, my grandchildren’s lives, and used throughout the rest of my lifetime!”
— Kaalyn N.

Are you limiting your body's healing potential by living in a state of perpetual stress?

Woman on beach at sunset

Find out & learn what to do about it here!

Get out of Fight or Flight: checklist & action steps


Currently working with local & distance clients online via Zoom

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