Equipped. Empowered. Aligned.

Do you feel the pull of these words as you read them? Do you wish for the tools to make them true of you?
Are you tired of the diet dogma that just doesn't fit, longing for a whole-person approach to your health concerns, one that fosters lifelong habit change?
Then you are in the right place.
 Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
 Restorative Wellness Practitioner
I'm a holistic health and wellness coach trained in functional nutrition, understanding labs from a nutritional perspective, holistic mineral balancing, and mindset for positive health change.

You can easily find how-to’s for eating in any number of ways on the web, from primal to keto to carnivore to vegetarian to vegan — the list goes on.  You don’t need me for that.  But you could probably use some direction when considering these eating plans and some help with figuring out a balanced approach that works for you. You could probably use some help evaluating what your body is telling you through it’s symptoms and what priority needs are surfacing in this communication.  And you could use an objective coach who can help guide you toward lasting habit change, as being your own coach can be pretty myopic at times when you need a big picture, bird’s-eye view.  This elevated perspective can mean the difference in gritting your teeth through a program, only to fall back into old patterns, and seeing yourself rise up step-by-step to new heights that become your new home, not just a nice place to visit. My approach is one that honors your individuality.  Our starting point enables you to discover what foods align with your individual make-up, and which ones do not.  We employ laser-focused mindset strategies that will serve you by helping you keep on track for a lifetime.  Step-by-step we evaluate and enhance the lifestyle factors that bolster the efforts you’re making to be your best you.  My ideal client has issues with digestion, blood sugar control, energy, sleep, weight management, and/or autoimmunity.  Do you struggle with one or more of these? My ideal client is ready to be an active participant in her own health journey.  Is this you?  Read on!


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Why Nutritional Therapy?

It is health coaching at its finest!  Working on

foundational issues can have far-reaching effects.

Weight & Detox

liver, gallbladder, kidney, skin, digestive, blood sugar health

Immune Issues

autoimmunity, gut health, chronic infections

Metabolic Health

sugar and fat metabolism and cardiovascular health

Digestion & Cravings

bloating, gas, nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, food sensitivities

Endocrine Health

overcoming hormone imbalance

Balancing Sleep, Energy & Mood

fatigue, blood sugar imbalances, anxiety, depression, brain fog



"I saw dramatic improvement in my energy levels, my enthusiasm for life, and my pain levels decreased to practically nothing! I was eating so much, and felt so satisfied with the whole foods and healthy fats that were now in my diet. I also experienced weight loss, I felt more flexible, more comfortable in my skin, and a lightness that came from deep within. With Kelly’s help, I had the support to learn all these things about myself and feel confident in the choices I was making for my health. I can say that Kelly changed my life, and this knowledge will be passed down to change my child’s life, my grandchildren’s lives, and used throughout the rest of my lifetime!”

— Kaalyn N.

Are you living in a state of perpetual stress & limiting your body's healing potential?

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Get out of Fight or Flight: checklist & action steps


Currently working with local & distance clients online via Zoom